academic editing

make the right first impression

Academic editing will help you present your data in a professional format for journals, presentations or class projects.

  • Essays
  • Seminars
  • Proposals
  • Dissertations
  • Journal articles


Your academic document will be edited for clarity, consistency and ease of understanding for all readers. Your writing style will be maintained throughout the document.​


You will receive a polished document with a style and format that meet the standards for publication in your journal of choice, presentation at a conference or submission in class.

revision tracking

Revisions will be recorded with the tracked changes feature so you can easily find and accept or reject changes.​

useful tips

We will include comments regarding our revisions as well as tips on how to improve your academic writing for future projects.

We value your privacy. All transactions are securely encrypted and your work is safe and secure.


Academic documents are edited for clarity and professionalism with options to apply a specific format and reference checks. We also include useful tips on how to improve your writing.

Books, websites, and other non-academic documents are edited for readability and reader comprehension. We work with you to ensure your story or idea comes across exactly as you intended.

Our group of Vietnamese and Korean translators are all native speakers, ensuring your translated text retains the same meaning as the original text.

Our group of native English speaking editors will tailor your text for an English speaking audience.

We can apply a specific style or format for an additional fee. We can also check your references for consistency and accuracy.