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Take your writing to the next level with professional proofreading, editing and translation services.


Documents with an academic focus such as journal articles, theses, presentations and essays.


Documents targeting a non-academic audience including books, web pages, and personal documents.


Translation between Korean and English or Vietnamese and English by native speakers.


Formatting according to a specific style such as AMA, Vancouver, APA, Chicago, etc


Verification of the accuracy of references and in-text citations.

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Per 250 words

Proofreading is for documents that require a final touch before submission.

Documents will be edited for minor issues.

Proofreading involves checking the document for typos, spelling mistakes, grammar errors, word usage and overall consistency.




Per 250 words

Copyediting is for documents that have not been reviewed by an editor.

Documents will be edited for major issues.

In addition to proofreading, copyediting includes editing to optimize the sentence structure and subject-specific nomenclature.

intensive edit



Per 250 words

Intensive editing is for documents that require more than copyediting.

Documents will be edited for overall presentation and flow.

Intensive editing is aimed at ensuring the document is well organized with no missing information. Rewriting and restructuring as needed.




Per 250 words

Translation between English and Vietnamese or Korean for all document types.

Documents are localized for the target audience.

The translated document is copyedited so it can be submitted right away. Substantive editing available for an additional fee.


Thank you for the intensive edit ^^
The manuscript has been accepted by JALCOM. The editing was precise and accurate.
I can feel the expertise of the editor!
I requested the 48 hour service but the file was ready in 36 hours. Thank you for the fast service!
Quick and professional. Thanks.
I am happy with the editing quality. If you keep providing this type of service, I will keep coming back!.
about aesteryx

I launched to streamline the process of getting documents from and to clients after 5 years as a full time editor, first as an in-house editor at a small company in Korea and later as a full time freelance editor. I primarily work with researchers with a native language other than English and have edited thousands of documents (both academic and non-academic) from authors all over the world on a broad range of topics. I partner with a small group of freelance professionals to provide translation services and editing on topics I am unfamiliar with.

My educational background lies squarely in the life science field. I received my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Cincinnati, followed by a master’s degree in physiology and biophysics from Wright State University. My professional experience is relatively diverse. In addition to academic research, I have worked as a study director in the life sciences industry, an IT consultant and trainer in the technology field and a science teacher in an ESL environment.

As a bibliophile and a serial learner (and forgetter!) of languages, I can fully relate to the difficulties of clear writing and communication, as well as the added burden of attempting to do so in a different language. My goal is to ensure your content can be easily understood by readers no matter the topic. Feel free to contact me anytime at or through any of the contact options listed on the site.

–  Nkoli


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